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More freedom delivers higher quality

We are convinced that employees must have a sense of community in the workplace, placing great emphasis on the well-being of all members plays a crucial role in the fulfillment of our global and team performance.

We are also convinced that this begins within a  pleasant and inspiring environment: lounge, cafeteria, rest and sports room, collective and individual spaces…

Consequently, we also cannot deny that this is also achieved by the assistance of our strong HR team. Providing our employees with flexible working opportunities.  Collaboratively, working with employees creating relationships based on innovative managerial practices that promote trust, autonomy, and team spirit.

Remote working

We also believe that in order for our employees to experience ‘quality of life’  at work we must actively promote the ethos of work-life balance. Simply between personal and professional life. We have therefore set up a remote working policy allowing everyone to work from home. Thanks to digital tools that promote mobility and more agile working methods, adding balance to one’s life is simplified. Find your own balance.



Be a parent—we won’t make a fuss

Becoming a parent is an important event in one’s life, here at Ayming we believe that this should be celebrated.  ti  That is why we care about you finding the right balance! We provide a company nursery at our headquarters and are currently deploying a digital babysitting solution for young parents. Above all, we are committed to the principle of non-discrimination in the professional development of parent employees. During maternity leave and upon return, we’ll be there to meet your needs…   To ensure a balance in your life project, you are encouraged to freely arrange your parental leave without hindering your professional development. We promise a fair evolution.



Health & well-being

Our employer commitment is to offer you a professional career path where everything is possible  no matter what life may bring, we are committed in supporting our employees.  Whatever you may experience we are committed in offering a safe and conducive environment allowing you to grow. We take this into account in the support we provide you with. To do this, we carry out 3 key HR and social actions:

  • Public health prevention because Ayming is a founding member of Humaninov, supported by the French inter-ministerial delegation on public transformation and runs a lab to experiment with new and more inclusive forms of work for people affected by chronic diseases.
  • When you return from a long-term illness, we will be there to support you and ensure a positive transition within our teams.
  • For all employees, the HR teams are committed to being present, attentive and dedicated to their development at each key stage.

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