Join Ayming

Our objective is for all staff to feel at ease in their role, with clearly defined responsibilities and future development opportunities. Our HR policy is built around 4 main principles: recruitment, integration, professional development and quality of life.

These make up Ayming's commitment to you.


Our code of conduct is based on the Group values and on a set of ethical rules and principles such as non-discrimination, impartiality and goodwill. With this in mind, Ayming recruits new staff whose skills, knowledge and various backgrounds enhance the work we do for our clients. 

On-boarding and support

We believe that a formal on-boarding process is the best way to support new employees after they join us. In addition, we have a structured mentoring program to integrate and provide on-going support to all new staff members.

Professional development

Ayming is committed to delivering “best in class” services to all of its clients. To do this, we actively develop our staff’s skill base, through continuous training throughout their careers. Our internal mobility program is an integral part of providing additional opportunities to our people. The internal mobility program is also integral to the sharing of expertise across our group and a key driver behind our success.

Quality of life and health in the workplace

Ayming wants to provide its staff with a friendly and stimulating working environment that will allow them to develop their skills and grow in their careers. Ayming is committed to preserving the quality of workplace life and combining both professional and personal development.