We are the biggest funding advocate for your classroom

Our expert team will help your school secure the funding it needs via Title Grants and state-specific programs.

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We are proud to make an impact on our nation’s schools by offering grant writing & compliance support for K-12 federal funding programs under ESSA.

Our expert team will develop and submit grant applications, conduct compliance reviews and consult on future strategic planning to position your school for success.

Our Process:

  • Efficient: We get your application to approval in the most efficient manner. Offload the burden of Title Grants process onto our team and never miss a deadline. With expert knowledge of the application process and legislative details, our team aligns your application to direct policy goals. This minimizes the rounds of reviews so that your application is approved faster.
  • Strategic: We help evaluate and optimize your future plans by identifying opportunities and gaps in the use of Title funds. We develop a fund use strategy focused on the high-impact use of funds to ensure your justification process is successful.
  • Compliant: We are your resource after funding approval. We provide support and guidance for compliance implementation. We provide guidance in compliance implementation and reporting support. We know the rules and how to position you for success!

Who we work with:

  • Independent Public Charter Schools
  • Independent Public Magnet Schools
  • Small Independent School Districts
  • Small- to Medium- Sized Charter Management Organizations

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