Indirect Tax Reduction

Reducing the tax burden is a significant competitive advantage for your company. These savings could finance part of your future investments and your development in the medium and long term.

Our team will accompany you until the recovery of undue sums, and will help sustain the reductions put into place. In addition, Ayming's international presence provides global strategic support with local action.

Property Tax

Property taxes are a major part of your operating costs. The tax cost of real estate is extremely complex and difficult to comprehend for non-specialists. Many factors contribute to the calculation of property tax. Any change in the use of the property, its sale price, demolition or construction will affect its value and the required payable taxes.


In addition, property tax included in the rental fee represents a significant expense for any business manager and requires a second opinion. County assessments are based on mass appraisal. This practice can lead to a property tax amount higher than the actual values.

There are two types of property tax that should be reviewed when looking to reduce your overall expenditures:

Real property tax: this is the tax owed on land and buildings. An estimation of taxes owed is determined by mass appraisal, meaning a county employee drives by and assesses what should be owed. This leaves room for a large margin of error, as a detailed evaluation is not performed. 

Personal property tax: this is the tax owed on items inside the building, including machinery and equipment. It is often based on the company's own estimate of value, and may not take into account factors such as amortization. This could lead to overpayment or inaccurate tax claims. 

States may use varying accounting principles to determine values owed, making it even more difficult for companies with properties in various states to uncover whether they are overpaying. Once a property tax assessment has been performed, companies only have 90 days to challenge it. Challenging the value of a property is complex and requires specific know-how at each stage of the process.

Ayming's methodology consists of:

  • Deploying a team of specialists, including an account manager who will manage the entire process and minimize the impact of the process on your organization. We have access to a team of appraisers, engineers and lawyers to manage your re-evaluation at every step of the process.
  • Conducting an independent appraisal of your property and its use, if necessary. Ayming has completed over 7,000 property tax mandates.
  • Negotiating a settlement to reduce the amount of property tax payable on your property. Using proven tools and industry-based comparative values, Ayming's specialists have generated significant savings for its clients.

Sales Tax

Many companies may not be aware they are overpaying sales tax, which could be costing them large sums of unnecessary expenditures. Sales tax percentages Errors in sales and use taxes can be recovered retroactively up to 4 years in some states, and Ayming can help with the process.

The variable nature of business environments can sometimes lead to the inefficiency of certain processes with respect to sales tax collection. Human errors inevitably affect your expenses. While automating procedures can simplify many day-to-day activities, it can also lead to inaccuracies that are difficult to identify. Companies that carry out multiple transactions at a high volume and call on different suppliers are sometimes forced to overlook significant expenses. Over time these expenses end up having a serious impact on the bottom line.

An independent review of sales tax expenses and procedures would isolate areas where sales tax was paid unnecessarily, helping you to recover lost profits. This review will identify where errors are produced by reducing overpayment caused by automating procedures, the different levels of human intervention, the number of suppliers, or the complexity of operations. Without regular monitoring and awareness of when and how overpayment can occur, margins of error remain possible and create often erroneous sales tax catches. These types of mistakes are unfortunately common and lead to an undeniable loss of profit. Ayming can help you reduce this loss.

Ayming's methodology consists of:

  • Deploying a team of specialists to manage the entire sales tax recovery process. The Ayming sales tax specialists will manage the entire sales tax recovery process including: invoice analysis, reclamation of profits and refinement of the procedure.
  • Reviewing available invoices, identify sales tax errors and recover lost profits. Ayming will look at the important data in your ledger, tax accounts, journal entries, and your previous public financial control assessments to identify billing errors. We will also review your suppliers' invoices or journal entries to ensure that specified goods and services are properly recalculated and submitted on the monthly returns.
  • Improving processes to identify sales tax calculation errors. Ayming will identify potential savings areas and highlight errors identified during the analysis. Training of accounting and purchasing staff will be carried out on your premises in order to improve internal procedures. This will include recommendations for optimizing the costs of processing operations and accounting operations.

We deliver our service at no upfront cost and without risk. Ayming is a results-based consulting firm. Payment for our cost reduction consulting services is only required when your sales tax recovery is successful.