Operational Efficiency

The success of all businesses is greatly dependent on its organizational operations and their efficacy. Our operations consulting services focus on business process management and improvement to ensure your business is performing as well as possible.

Lean Management

Increase productivity and improve product quality and punctual delivery through our lean management services. We will help you optimize value-added processes, use resources more efficiently and introduce processes to detect issues at an earlier stage. Business process redesign and lean management are applicable to businesses across a broad range of industries; however it may be of most use for companies in process-heavy industries such as pharmaceuticals, food production, automotive and mechanical engineering.

Design-to-Cost / Redesign-to-Cost

It can be a challenge to ensure your products remain competitive from both the perspectives of quality and profitability. Through thorough analysis and understanding of your products, business and landscape we can assess the key factors involved in designing or redesigning your product. Our team will identify the most appropriate actions to ensure you’re maintaining the quality of the product while not overspending. This generally entails assessment of the choices made and process undertaken during the design, procurement, assembly and testing phases, followed by recommendations and the implementation of all agreed upon changes.

Operational Excellence

We often hear that you must “innovate or stagnate” and those that “stand still get left behind”. While it’s certainly true, implementing the change required to achieve this kind of organizational effectiveness can often be a challenge to achieve; with legacy processes, teams and ingrained habits, it can often be hard to overcome these and start fresh to be more agile and innovative without adversely impacting growth and/or profitability. We’re here to help you identify your competitive advantage, vision and business strategy and to develop it into an achievable business performance plan and organizational structure. To ensure your business transformation program is successfully delivered, we’ll work with you to create a roadmap and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are right for your business.

Performance Roadmap & KPIs

We’ll ensure your business transformation plan is a success, creating a roadmap for your change program which will measure the progress of people, processes and tools. Our collaborative approach will help you mobilize and empower all teams and individuals involved and will ensure that their progress is measured against agreed upon objectives. Our team will support you to:

  • Define the key issues and indicators
  • Conduct transformation plans and projects
  • Implement an agile working approach
  • Measure the performance of your projects, functions, teams, products and processes