Procurement Organization and Processes

Transform Your Procurement and Improve Its Performance    

The maturity of the purchasing organizations has grown strongly for many years but remains uneven from one industry to another and, in any case, rarely adapted to the just need for value creation. Governance, profiles, structure, skills, tools, processes, communication ... Each of these pillars must be analyzed to determine the purchasing organization and its processes adapted to the company's strategy. 

Ayming will perform an analysis of the company's strategy and issues to uncover:

  • The vision and strategy of the company
  • The roadmap to improving the performance of the company
  • The points of purchase in the organization and what the procurement expectations are for the company

Procurement Processes

Ayming's analysis is based on the evaluation of the mastery of the fundamentals of an organization and their optimization. The axes of analysis are based on governance, structure, profiles, tools, communication, and the measurement of ROI.

The Adapted Organization

This phase determines the target organization and the roadmap to be implemented. At this stage, Ayming integrates a program of exchange management, indispensable to the membership of the teams.

Implementation of the New Procurement Organization

Ayming supports our clients through personalized coaching, which may include training and recruitment support.

Why Choose Ayming for Your Procurement?

To make procurement a major lever in the performance of your business, Ayming offers 20 years of procurement experience, which allows us to create benchmarks based on the most agile and efficient organizations, advancing the procurement function and maximizing its impact on the performance of your company.

Global Sourcing & SRM  

Identify, Secure and Drive the Best Suppliers and Partners

Today, most companies are evolving in a global context. Obtaining the best economic and logistical conditions, ensuring the supply of sites located abroad, and searching for products/services that are not available locally, have become recurring and complex problems that must be overcome.

A global sourcing approach structured, equipped and supported by local relays is necessary to reduce risks and find the best opportunities. The long-term benefit of working with your partners, clarifying the boundaries of increased collaboration between your company and its suppliers, and improving the overall performance of the supply chain are all factors that will be considered in setting up a supplier relationship management model.

Ayming will define and implement a global sourcing strategy for your company, including: 

  • Executing market research for suppliers
  • Defining long lists/short lists Managing RFIs
  • Carrying out supplier audits

Following the implementation of the sourcing strategy, Ayming will design and deploy a supplier relationship management plan that involves: 

  • Developing tools for contractual and technical suppliers' commitments
  • Building tools to evaluate and monitor the operational performance of suppliers
  • Improving the communication and exchange processes with suppliers
  • Fostering innovation 

Why Choose Ayming to Support Your Suppliers?

Ayming has excellent knowledge of global and local markets. Our international presence and regional sourcing offices allow us to offer our clients close support to markets and suppliers, wherever they are located. Ayming’s SRM approach strengthens the lines of communication between your company and its suppliers, allowing you to optimize your costs and efficiency.