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Our Story

Once upon a time in June of 1986, The Ayming group was born.

And the rest is history…


ALMA Intervention is founded in a small office in Asnières, France, at first providing tax expertise (business taxes, local taxes, etc.) and soon followed by social expertise (social contribution auditing, etc.).
Starting with zero employees in June 1986, its staff expands to 30 by December.


Receives accreditation from the OPQCM (Professional Qualification Office for Business Consulting).


ALMA is named one of the "Companies of the Decade" (a trophy awarded by Bain & Companie / l'Expansion) for having increased its turnover through slow recurring business.


An ISO 9001 certification is awarded to all of ALMA Group’s activities.
The first offices are opened abroad.
The company now has 190 employees


Opening of the Spanish subsidiary


The ALMA Group is acquired by Novexel, specialized in bonus, aid and subvention engineering.
Acquisition of IP Stratégies, a Brussels based company specialized in growth projects and strategies.


Acquisition of AP Group which today includes AP Consultants, operating in social cost savings and F. Initiatives, which is based in Nogent and carries out tax credit specific audits (research and training).


Alma Intervention becomes Alma Consulting Group
In 2000, a new ISO 9001 Certification is awarded to all of ALMA Group’s activities.
The company now has 350 employees.


Acquisitions of SAD and Thermotique
Opening of the Polish subsidiary


Acquisition of:
Axio Pologne
C.F.C. Experts
Cristal Décisions, specialized in Operations Performance


Acquisition of:
IRH (Acciline: AT tracking)
Andéléa (Prevention)
Winter Associés (Planning)
Saving Point (Operating Costs)
A new ISO 9001 certification is awarded


Acquisition of:
• SERFI (Management apps client workstation)
• NACC (purchase of receivables)
Launch of the 1st Barometer for Absenteeism and Commitment
Opening of the British and Canadian offices.
The group passes the 1,000 employee mark.


Acquisition of:
• PCMG (telecoms and energy)
• Sté Alturia (Insurance consulting services)
• Pinchevsky, specialized in obtaining tax credits for research and based in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver
The Parisian offices transfer to France’s first High Environmental Quality building in Gennervilliers.


Opening of office in Portugal


Acquisition of Sogeder


Ayming adheres to the United Nations’ Global Compact


The group is present in 10 countries and has 15,000 customers.


Acquisition of LowendalMasaï, expanding the group’s presence in China, Japan, Germany and Italy.
A new ISO 9001 certification is awarded


The group changes its name to Ayming
Creation of Ayming Slovakia
Creation of Ayming USA
Ayming becomes patron of the Chaillot Theater
Creation of the Business Performance Awards


Capital magazine ranks Ayming as one of the best consulting firms
2nd edition of the Business Performance Awards


Launch of the Ayming Institute and release of its first publication: "Absenteeism: red alert".
Opening of the Irish and Dutch offices.


Once again, Ayming is named one of the best consulting firms by Capital magazine
3rd edition of the Business Performance Awards

Key figures

people covered by our HR software
Over $1B
per year of additional financing capacity generated
Over 15,000
projects per year of R & D and innovation
HR savings obtained / year
$50M/ year
tax savings


Further, Together…

We are business performance experts who combine highly specialized knowledge – across a range of fields – with hands-on collaboration, to enable our clients and their people to go further. We are 1300 employees operating in 15 countries across Europe and North America, and have a proven track record of providing leadership and sharing insight that stretches back over 30 years. Through extraordinary relationships we have achieved extraordinary results. By focusing on innovation, operations and people, we are proven to deliver a return on investment: in research and development funding alone, we generate $1.1B a year for our clients. Together we go further.


Everything is possible, et ça c'est vrai !

Murielle HABRARD, DRH France
We are experts in what we do

Together, we go further 

We bring new energy to our clients by helping improve decision-making at all levels, increasing funding and decreasing costs whilst building trust and a supportive environment of continual improvement. It is a collaborative, human approach mixed with digital efficiency.

Through extraordinary relationships we have achieved extraordinary results, and our confidence in our work means we frequently offer to share risk and reward with our clients. Our relationships are built to last; many stretch back over a decade.