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R&D tax credits for architects and contractors

The R&D Tax Credit is the biggest tax credit available to U.S. businesses, yet also one of the most underutilized. This is particularly true in the architectural industry and within the contracting and construction arenas.

Architectural industry

We know that architecture plays a larger role in our lives than most people realize. The structure and design of a building shapes how we experience life at home, at work, and in our communities. But it’s also heavily involved in sustainable building construction, renewable energy sources, manufacturing plants, and integrates with engineering sectors.  Because of this, architecture is a constantly evolving industry with innovation at the core of each everyday activity.

Many architecture firms are unaware that their work can qualify as research and development, and as such, they are not claiming the R&D tax relief they could be entitled to.

Construction industry

As modern technology advances at high speed, the construction industry continues to face increasing complexities associated with modern infrastructure.

Despite the construction industry being one of the major contributors to the U.S. economy, many construction companies in the U.S. are not aware of the research and development tax incentives available to them. Others may be aware of R&D tax credits but aren’t necessarily taking full advantage of them.

Based on your existing foundation of development and ingenuity, we’re here to assist you in identifying the tax incentives that your company may be entitled to, helping you to build a stronger and more successful business.

We assist architectural and construction companies of all shapes and sizes in claiming tax relief for all qualifying R&D activity, helping to build stronger businesses across the United States.

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What kind of architectural research expenses qualify for R&D tax credit?Architect editing blueprints on a desk

Qualifying research and development in the architectural and construction sectors can encompass a broad spectrum of activities. Examples of such R&D qualified activities may include:


  • Analysis of building materials
  • Sustainability evaluations
  • Building simulations
  • And many more…


  • Analysis of functional design to improve performance, quality, and reliability
  • Gathering requirements and definition of specifications
  • System detailing for constructability
  • Construction process development or improvement
  • And many more…

Ayming USA helps architects make successful tax credit claims

The R&D tax credit consultants at Ayming USA  have the expertise to review the time tracking, contractual agreements, and other industry-specific documentation to deliver accurate results.

Our industry-specific tax credit consultants have hands-on experience and knowledge of the architectural and construction sectors. We always take the time to truly understand how your company innovates so that we can expertly identify all qualifying expenditures to help you make a successful claim for R&D tax credits.

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