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Strengthening the semiconductor supply chain through CHIPS for America investments

To advance this vision, The U.S. Department of Commerce announced a funding opportunity and application process for large semiconductor supply chain projects, including materials and manufacturing equipment facility projects with capital investments equal to or exceeding $300 million. Ayming partners with companies within the semiconductor supply chain, using our expertise to help them gain access to additional government grants and even research and development credits.


Strategic Program Objectives

The Department released strategic objectives for investments in the semiconductor supply chain, building on core CHIPS for America objectives.

  • strengthening supply chain resilience, including by reducing chokepoint risks flowing from the geographic concentration of critical semiconductor inputs;
  • advancing U.S. technology leadership, including by incentivizing major U.S. manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers to increase their footprints in the United States and attracting non-U.S. suppliers of the world’s most advanced equipment, materials, and subsystems to establish large-scale footprints here; and
  • supporting vibrant U.S. fab clusters, including by ensuring that each CHIPS-funded cluster is supported by an ecosystem of reliable suppliers.

Ayming’s Process:

  • Efficient: We get your application to approval in the most efficient manner. Offload the burden of the Grants process onto our team and never miss a deadline. With expert knowledge of the application process and legislative details, our team aligns your application to direct policy goals. This minimizes the rounds of reviews so that your application is approved faster.
  • Strategic: We help evaluate and optimize your future plans by identifying funding opportunities.
  • Compliant: We are your resource after funding approval. We provide support and guidance for compliance implementation.

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