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The R&D Tax Credit Consultants for Manufacturing Companies

Innovation is key to the world of manufacturing. Whether it improving an assembly line process, developing material alternatives with the help of engineers and chemists, or patterning methods to increase production yields, these improvements come at some cost for businesses. Unfortunately, many companies within the manufacturing arena don’t leverage opportunities for tax credits related to research and development activities. Ayming understands that R&D tax credits are largely under-utilized and can help manufacturing companies, large or small, find real tax savings through these credits.

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Does your business operate in the Manufacturing sector?

Our manufacturing industry-specific research and development tax credit consultants take the time to review all relevant processes, innovation, and documentation to uncover all manufacturing activities that qualify for R&D tax credits. Transformation and technological development are daily challenges for companies in the manufacturing sector. However, resolving many of these technical challenges often qualifies as research and development from a tax perspective and you’re more than likely to be eligible for generous tax relief.

Some manufacturers in the United States are aware of the R&D credit however, claims are often limited to claims of expenditures to only engineering time or the invention of new products. Many are unaware that the Credit is expansive in the definition of qualified activities and includes the development of new or improved products and processes.

What counts as R&D in the manufacturing industry?

Below is a list of just some of the qualifying R&D activities for the manufacturing sector:

  • Development of new or improved manufacturing processes related to reliability, quality, or increased yields 
  • Improving the quality or performance of existing products 
  • Streamlining manufacturing process through automation 
  • And many more…

Our expert R&D consultants support manufacturers through the claim process

With extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of the manufacturing sector and its many facets, we truly understand how your company innovates so that we can help you make a successful claim for the tax relief you are likely entitled to. Our team has extensive tax credit and funding expertise for businesses to give manufacturers access to cash flow that was previously unrealized.

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