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Partner with us! We will work closely with your internal team, or you directly, to accurately apply the appropriate tax code analysis to provide the maximum benefit to your clients.

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Creating Value with Ayming

Our process is designed to minimize interruptions to your time and resources. We deploy our team of financial experts, engineers, and lawyers to understand your portfolio companies’ businesses, investigate their activities, and determine all qualified research activities. Ayming maximizes your returns while effectively minimizing any time burden on your business operations.

Benefits for you/your firm

  • Broaden your service offering
  • Increase client retention

Benefits for your clients

  • Reducing your client’s federal and state tax liabilities
  • Increasing their cash flow through tax savings
  • Lowering Payroll Tax for startups

Who is eligible to be a referral partner?

We work with both individuals and organizations including:

  • Accounting firms
  • Private equity firms
  • Tax advisors, trade associations & professional bodies
  • Cost advisors
  • Patent attorneys

But this is not an exhaustive list. We’d be happy to talk to you about the opportunities in your network.

Why Ayming?

Our 35-year track record of helping businesses of all shapes and sizes has given us a wealth of experience in managing and delivering R&D tax credit claims. We take the time to truly understand every business’ goals and objectives, focusing on how they innovate to identify qualifying expenditures.

How we partner with you: Our process

  1. Feasibility Analysis and Claim Strategy
  2. Project Analysis and Strategy Review
  3. Credit Preparation and Reporting

In our Referral Partnership Brochure, we further detail how we partner with your business to add an extra layer of value to your expertise. Click the respective icon below to download your copy now.