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The R&D Tax Credit for Engineering Firms

Engineering is part and parcel to research and development, whether it’s automotive parts, for green energy applications or even video games. Surprisingly, many companies engaging in engineering innovations for their products, processes or services don’t take full advantage of the tax credits they’ve earned through expenditures spent on R&D. Ayming USA’s expertise have helped many companies in the engineering sector secure R&D tax credit claims they’ve earned but never tried to pursue.

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Is your company innovating in the Engineering sector?

When Congress created the Credit for Increasing Research Activity, engineering was one of the R&D fields it expressly intended to stimulate and to take advantage of the significant savings it offers. However, many engineering firms are unaware of its existence, or they may assume that they do not qualify because they are unaware of the broad definitions for research.

Given the complicated regulations, it comes as no surprise that many engineering firms are hesitant to apply. But assuming the regulations are followed, however, companies that engage in nearly any type of engineering are likely performing qualified R&D activities and are thus leaving money on the table by not applying for the credit.

Which engineering activities qualify for R&D tax incentives? 

Almost all types of engineering can qualify for the R&D tax credit. Below are some examples of qualifying R&D activities:  

Automotive Engineering: 

  • Manufacturing process design
  • Fatigue testing
  • Crash simulation and testing

Mechanical/Electrical Engineering: 

  • Design and development of HVAC and MEP systems  
  • Component FEA  
  • Physical testing of prototypes  

And Many More…

Our R&D tax specialists support you every step of the way 

No matter what sub-sector of engineering your business specializes in, our expert R&D consultants at Ayming have a wealth of experience in uncovering all eligible expenditures to help you claim for research and development tax incentives. We take the time to truly understand the ways in which your business innovates in order to help you grow your business for future success.

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