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Research and Development in the Software Industry

The software development industry continually sees fast-paced adaptation and evolution across a multitude of industries and sectors.

R&D tax incentives aren’t just for businesses developing ground-breaking software for blue chip companies. In fact, many software and development companies in the United States are unaware just how broad the scope for qualifying research and development expenditure can be.

We help software businesses of all shapes and sizes and across a number of different industries to claim for the R&D tax credits they may be entitled to.

Which software-related activities can qualify for R&D tax credit?

There is a strong chance that companies developing software in any industry are undertaking activities that qualify for R&D tax credits.

Software development activities that can qualify for R&D tax relief include:

  • Developing and testing new or improved source code
  • Design of interfaces, databases, and modules
  • Development and refinement of functional specifications
  • Design and development of new or improved software architecture
  • Incorporating technologies with various software
  • Evaluating reliability of various methods to transmit, manipulate, or analyze data
  • Testing and improving integration of hardware and software
  • Performing testing and analyzing results of various tests, including unit testing, regres­sion testing, and other tests of performance and functionality

Our software specialists can help you claim R&D tax incentives

At Ayming, our industry-specific R&D tax specialists take the time to truly understand how your business innovates in order to uncover all eligible spend that may qualify for R&D tax incentives.

With hands-on experience and intricate knowledge of the software development industry, our experts work hard to incorporate all relevant innovation and research activities carried out by your company into a comprehensive claim for tax credits.

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