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The funding we help you receive comes in many forms - our team of experts take the time to understand your past, current, and future planned projects in order to align your initiatives with all available federal and state credits and/or grants.

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Working With Us 

At Ayming USA we partner with your business and advisors to provide your company access to government funding. The funding we help you receive comes in many forms – our team of experts take the time to understand your past, current, and future planned projects in order to align your initiatives with all available federal and state credits and/or grants. Our team’s industry-based expertise and our history of success offer peace of mind knowing you have the highest chance of being approved and receiving the maximum benefit on investment possible. 

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R&D Tax Credits

Most companies engage in some business activity that could qualify for research and development tax credits, though a surprising number of these businesses aren’t taking full advantage of this opportunity. With expert guidance from our R&D tax consultants, many small to midsize businesses can reduce their tax liability significantly in ways they couldn’t before, and all businesses can find significant tax advantages in addition to their deductible R&D related expenses.

More About R&D Tax Credits

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Employee Retention Credits

The United States created the CARES Act in 2020, allowing qualifying businesses of a certain size to collect the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) in effort to keep employees paid despite business shutdowns or restrictions due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. As of September 2023, the IRS established a temporary moratorium on ERC claims, which it’s set to resume at some point in 2024.

Ayming’s expertise will guide businesses through new compliance requirements and claim options that will be introduced before ERC processing starts again.

More About Employee Retention Credits

Employee pay and reimbursement

Energy Efficiency Incentives

To encourage the adoption and further development of domestic sources of green technologies, eco-conscious manufacturing processes and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions the US Federal government has offered energy-based tax incentives to qualifying companies. Our team of tax planning consultants help businesses who invest in green energy component manufacturing, make energy efficiency improvements to buildings or facilities, and companies manufacturing solar or wind energy components—including energy storage & inverter production—receive tax credits and deductions based on their project.

More About Energy Efficiency Incentives

Green-energy manufacturing types qualifying for energy efficiency incentives

Grant Funding

We help American businesses in a wide range of industries access government grant funding programs, providing growth and investment opportunities they’d previously missed out on. With over 50 years of experience tailored to our clients’ unique business needs, we give businesses access to the funding strategies and support they need to pre-qualify for these competitive government grants. Unique grant opportunities currently supported by our team exist in both the semiconductor industry and in agricultural production.

More About Grant Funding

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Cost Segregation

Unlock new tax benefits for your company through cost segregation, which maximizes depreciation and identifies construction-related costs associated with personal assets connected to your commercial properties. Our commercial tax planning experts will help you reclassify qualified building elements as personal property eligible for a deduction claim, which can be applied to new construction or even retroactively to older buildings.

More About Cost Segregation

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Qualifying for Funding 

Whether you are expanding your business domestically or globally, growing your production capabilities, hiring a new department, or investing in new technology, the amount of government funding you receive can make a considerable impact on your planned projects. Every year countless new federal and State-level grant programs are introduced to encourage economic growth, innovation, or sustainable practices. In addition to grant funding, tax credits can also be utilized to support a project and further reduce business expenses. But how do you know if you qualify, and furthermore, how can you ensure you have optimized your likelihood of approval? That’s where Ayming comes in.  

Ayming’s proprietary AI software contains live access to thousands of both federal and state programs giving our team the ability to quickly match your activities (whether current or in the past) to program requirements. Every program requires different qualifications to apply and maintain unique deadlines requirements. As such, it is imperative that you work with an expert when identifying all of your funding opportunities to ensure incentives are both maximized and properly complied with.  

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One-Stop Shop

Many financial consulting partners are able to advise you of decisions that make sense for your financial goals. However, numerous financial consulting partners regularly fail to consider every option simply due to the time and energy required to understand every potential opportunity and how it applies to their client’s unique business. Ayming’s 35-year track record of advising businesses across the globe has allowed us to refine our process and ultimately offer a benefit that other advisors simply cannot. In addition to a success-fee pay model, we provide our clients with the most value possible by bundling our services.  

If we find that your business qualifies for more than one opportunity or program, Ayming provides the following:  

  1. Assistance to compile all required information to file each claim upfront so that we avoid unnecessary meetings after project kick-off 
  2. Filing of claims in addition to ease of process management as a whole and allowing you to receive funds contemporaneously 
  3. Bundled service offering discounts 

We understand that every business has unique goals and plans for growth that deserve financial assistance. Contact us today to start the conversation and discover just how much funding your business qualifies for.  

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