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Government Grant Incentives

Are you accessing government grant incentives for your planned projects?
If not, you should be.

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With more 3,500 government grants and incentives available in the U.S., it can be difficult to match your investment plan to available funding. However, not exploring the funding landscape could result in missing out on substantial funding, reducing your ability to pursue the types of projects that can foster growth.

Your Challenges

When exploring the funding landscape, you may come across the following challenges:

  • Don’t feel your projects qualify
  • Too many programs, all with unique criteria & timing to track
  • Tried but were rejected
  • Need approval before starting project
  • Programs are often first come, first serve and run out of funds
  • Claiming grants and tax credits in silos

How Ayming Can Help

  • Offer services to maximize potential benefits derived from federal & state tax and incentive programs
  • Provide you with a team of dedicated experts who deliver results
  • Identify the right programs for you and complete all necessary paperwork

Why Work with Ayming?

  • Global consulting firm dedicated to increasing funding and decreasing costs™
  • Over 30 years’ experience, present in 15 countries, over 20, 000 clients worldwide
  • $1.5 billion in new funding generated annually across the globe
  • Proprietary database of government incentives
  • Comprehensive, non-intrusive approach