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Is government funding part of your business strategy? If not, it should be.

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We help you successfully access millions of dollars in grant funding to help support your future business growth needs.

Each year, federal and local governments allocate billions of dollars in the form of non-repayable grants and interest-free loans to support American businesses. The main objective is to facilitate growth and prosperity in the economy by encouraging investments and continuous innovation.

There are thousands of grant programs available, all with varying funding amounts, criteria, and timelines. Most grants are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, making it critical to align your planned projects with the most lucrative programs available. Unlike the R&D Tax Credit, grants require you to apply for funding before you incur any costs as you must pre-qualify to receive funds. Your planned investments will be reviewed, and once approved, funding is awarded.

In addition to being one of the first consulting firms to set up a national grants practice, our grant consultants boast over 50+ years of experience in developing comprehensive funding strategies that both compliment planned investments and are tailored to our client’s unique business needs.

Program Focus

To offer the best service and ensure identify the highest likelihood of success for your business, we focus of our services on the following programs:

  • Rural Energy for America Program

  • CHIPS for America

  • Fertilizer Product Expansion Program

  • Value-Added Producer Grant

Why you need an expert team

When applying for government grant funding, there are many potential roadblocks that applicants can face. Our team will help you navigate those challenges.

  • There are thousands of programs, all with varying eligibility criteria, application processes, and submission time frames. Understanding eligibility criteria and application timelines can be complicated and inefficient.
  • The funding landscape constantly evolves with the frequent introduction of new programs, unscheduled end of existing programs, or the depletion of funds without prior notice. Therefore, it imperative to proactively identify programs, align planned initiatives, then complete and submit a strong application as soon as possible.
  • In contrast to most tax credits, applicants need to be approved in advance. It’s imperative to apply for grant funding before incurring any project costs.
  • All grant programs are extremely competitive and usually have hundreds of applicants vying for the same pool of funds. Applicants often lack the expertise and experience required to develop strong submissions that will gain interest and get approved over others.
  • Companies often struggle to clearly determine which cost(s) they can include in their applications to maximize their ROI and hence, often leave money on the table.
  • Grants can also impact R&D tax credit claims. It is necessary to have a strategy to maximize the combination of both programs.
  • Some projects may encompass multi-year investments. Sometimes, future investments do not proceed as planned and special amendments need to be agreed upon with government agencies. Companies lack the proper knowledge required to pursue such amendments, while still preserving the initial approved funding amounts.

The Ayming Solution

  • Our team of experts will take the time to understand your current and future projects.
  • Our highly experienced delivery teams boast over 50+ years of combined grants experience and over 200+ years of combined R&D experience, meaning you partner with true subject matter experts who are invested in your success
Years' of experience in government funding
Clients, and operations in 15 countries globally
Billion in funding secured annually for our clients
Success rate on all government claims submitted by Ayming