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The R&D Tax Credit for Pork & Poultry Producers

Production and distribution of pork and poultry products requires consistent maintenance and adherence to safety requirements that all food processors follow. Companies that innovate in this sphere enjoy first-mover status and increase productivity without sacrificing (or even enhancing) food safety. Ayming USA has the expertise to review the time tracking, contractual agreements, and other industry-specific documentation to deliver accurate results for companies seeking tax credit for their R&D efforts.

Our industry-specific consultants have hands-on experience and knowledge of the Pork & Chicken production & processing sector. We always take the time to truly understand how your company innovates so that we can identify all qualifying expenditures to help you make a successful claim for R&D tax credits.

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R&D expenditure consulting for businesses in the Pork and Poultry sector

Innovation and safety are daily challenges for companies in pork and chicken production. However, resolving many of these technical challenges often qualifies as research and development from a tax perspective and you’re more than likely to be eligible for generous tax relief.

What expenditures counts as R&D in pork & poultry production?

If your business is involved with any of the following areas and you are not already claiming R&D tax relief, then it’s likely that you could be.

Pork & poultry-specific projects that may qualify for R&D tax relief include:

  • Assessment of new and improved feed formulations and techniques to enhance performance and reduce mortality
  • New or improved processes to increase product quality and reduce time to market
  • Breeding processes and genetic research
  • And many more…

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