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The R&D Tax Credit is the biggest tax credit available to U.S. businesses, yet also one of the most underutilized.

Does your business operate in the Food & Beverage sector?

The American consumer has become increasingly selective regarding the types and qualities of food they consume and seek more options such as unique flavors, nutritional content, health benefits, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, consumers and governments are demanding that food and beverage companies evolve their production and packaging processes to be more environmentally friendly. 

Transformation and technological development are daily challenges for companies in the food & beverage sector. However, resolving many of these technical challenges often qualifies as research and development from a tax perspective and you’re more than likely to be eligible for generous tax relief.

Food & Beverage experts who really understand your business

Ayming USA’s team of food & beverage industry experts understand these development activities. They can identify key incentives to allow companies to continue their investments into these R&D activities. 

Our 30-year track record of helping businesses of all shapes and sizes has given us a wealth of experience in managing R&D tax credit claims. We take the time to truly understand your business goals and objectives, focussing on how your business innovates in order to identify qualifying expenditures.

What counts as R&D?

If your business is involved with any of the following areas and you are not already claiming R&D tax relief, then it’s likely that you could be.

Projects that may qualify for R&D tax relief include:

  • Development of new food or beverage products 
  • Development of new product formulations with organic raw materials 
  • Development of new or improved production, bottling, or canning processes 
  • And many more…

We analyze all of your expenses and activities – both past and present – in order to determine the true extent of your eligibility, not just the obvious low-hanging fruit. Download our Food & Beverage R&D Factsheet below to learn more about R&D in the F&B sector and see more projects that qualify for R&D tax relief.