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The R&D Tax Credit is the biggest tax credit available to U.S. businesses, yet also one of the most underutilized.

R&D tax credit in the construction industry

As modern technology advances at high speed, the construction industry continues to face increasing complexities associated with modern infrastructure.

Despite the construction industry being one of the major contributors to the U.S. economy, many construction companies in the U.S. are not aware of the research and development tax incentives available to them. Others may be aware of R&D tax credits but aren’t necessarily taking full advantage of them.

Based on your existing foundation of development and ingenuity, we’re here to assist you in identifying the tax incentives that your company may be entitled to, helping you to build a stronger and more successful business.

What type of activities qualify for R&D tax credit?

The R&D Tax Credit is intended for businesses engaged in improvements to existing processes and incremental developments that move our country forward. Fortunately, this is exactly the aim of each and every new construction project.

Examples of qualifying activities in the construction industry include:

  • Analysis of functional design to improve performance, quality, and reliability
  • Gathering requirements and definition of specifications
  • System detailing for constructability
  • Construction process development or improvement
  • And many more…

Our industry experts help you claim the credit you deserve

Amongst Ayming’s team of tax credit consultants are those with hands-on experience and in-depth background knowledge of the construction industry – including its many sub-sectors. We take the time to truly understand how your construction company innovates, allowing us to expertly identify all qualifying expenditures that you are entitled to claim.

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