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Purchasing Department: The Key Link in the Value Chain

Purchasing departments are contributing more and more to the creation of value in the company. They are creating short-term savings while limiting risks to participate in results and to sustain growth.

The reduction of costs remains the principal concern for 78% of purchasing offices.*

Purchasing departments play an essential role in the improvement of the transparency of the supply chain, access to innovations by suppliers and the reduction of costs at the company scale. Furthermore, as the principal owner of suppliers’ data, they hold the knowledge of the suppliers and of their markets. They occupy a central position in organizations and can play a strategic role since they have the ability to take account of business challenges and constraints related to the expected quality level.

We need people capable of translating complex commercial needs, of taking on the role of key partners of the company, stimulating, magnetic and charismatic people. 

Paul Alexander, Director of Indirect Purchasing for the EMEA zone at BP

The challenge of cooperation with all of the other management departments of the company is therefore a key factor of success to achieve the optimum level of global performance.

of the management functions consider that their operational purchasing organizational model can be perfected
of Purchasing offices invest in new tools and systems to increase the creation of value of purchasing. (source idem)

*Source: Ayming Investigation, white book future Information System Purchases


Ayming is the partner of Purchasing Departments that wish to position themselves at the core of the global performance of the company.

Our approach in complete cost mobilizes all of the leverage of Purchasing performance: of the definition of the strategies for their implementation on the entire value chain of the operations going through the digital transformation of organizations (S2C, P2P, data analytics, machine learning, etc.), global Sourcing, the establishment of the Supplier Relationship Management program (SRM), etc. Furthermore, our know-how is reinforced by 10 expert analyses on indirect purchases which provides you the deployment of a global optimization process [or a global vision of your process to optimize the cost structure] and of digitalization, in addition to a more global approach of operational excellence.

We are preparing customized offers that respond to 5 strategic dimensions for Purchasing Departments:

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We are preparing customized offers that respond to 5 strategic dimensions for Purchasing offices:

  •  Indirect Purchases and Supply Chain: we are putting into place a global approach of preparation for the operational implementation of the most appropriate strategy, beginning with a diagnosis giving you a view of the entirety of your current situation and of the possibilities of improvement.
  • Digitalization: The complete integration of the science of the data in our analysis of your supply chain creates a level of knowledge and analyses that profit the entire company, supported by digital and predictive tools to guide performance.
  • Change management: To develop your human capital and to engage your employees, by aligning their performance on your strategy, so that the company operates more intelligently, supported by our tools and digital analyses.
  • Operational Excellence: By using the science of the data and our LeanValue™, methodology, we analyze and automate processes and optimize productivity, while supporting your transformation program.
  • Cost Optimization: By analyzing expenditures, needs of stakeholders and clients, the design of products and comparative cost analysis, we make you benefit from long-term savings.


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