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Give more value to your most valuable asset, your people

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HR departments are at the heart of any business. Their biggest challenges lie in three areas: building an attractive employer brand, developing employee engagement and ensuring leadership teams have the right personal development opportunities to meet the new “normal”.

What is People, Performance & Development?

Our People, Performance & Development department helps you get the very best out of your people. We help them achieve their full potential in both their working and personal lives. 

Ayming’s three pillars of People, Performance & Development are:

  1. Coaching & Development
  2. Digital Learning
  3. People Consulting

Why is PPD important?

For most organizations, their most important asset is their people. For organizations to successfully achieve their goals, their people need to perform at optimum levels to deliver their best work. There are often several personal, professional and even organizational barriers to them doing that.

How can Ayming help?

We’re here to support your needs as a managed service. Your objectives become ours. We work alongside you to develop and deliver specific frameworks or delivery methods to reach your goals. We offer our clients the opportunity to become more efficient, gain new insights and methodologies, and develop a greater resource capacity and scalability for delivery needs. 

All of our learning is globally certified. We can design and deliver bespoke programs on your behalf both digitally and face-to-face to support people development, well-being and change lives.

Our learning platform, Ayming Academy, is designed by us in collaboration with you. We incorporate your branding, style, and tone of voice to ensure a connection in feel and focus between your team and the content. We give you complete data insights into participation and communication, and facilitate both in-person and offline learning in multiple languages.

Why Ayming?

Through our years of experience and research, we have developed a system-led approach that incorporates digital interventions and data with consumable content. Our approach also includes compassion, understanding and empathy, which delivers the ideal eco-system for positive change.

By combining data and empathy, our framework helps people break down social barriers and expectations to change and reframe their behaviors positively.

Our approach to performance optimization follows a three-step process;

  1. Learning by engaging with relevant content
  2. Self-understanding through personal insight and scenario exposure
  3. Living the outcomes by retaining the insights and understanding

We offer everyone an empathetic, collaborative learning environment that provides a personalized structure.