The Expansive (and often qualified) Field of Landscape Architecture

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August 5, 2021

Green energy, sustainability, and urban landscapes – these are not buzzwords, these are the future. As both consumers and businesses alike find themselves gravitating toward environmentally responsible actions and infrastructure, it is undeniable that many newly designed commercial buildings have come to complement the environment. This is no accident—and Landscape Architects know it. Landscape Architecture involves executing designs that nurture and build within natural environments. Such designs include open concept commercial buildings, campuses, parks, and more. The beauty of such designs is often aesthetically pleasing. However, the complexity of such designs should not be understated. With numerous tax incentives at the Federal and State level are available with energy efficiencies and sustainability in mind—Landscape Architecture firms should not forget about potential benefits regularly granted under § 41 of the Internal Revenue Code (“R&D Tax Credit”).

Oddly enough, we encounter architecture firms who regularly believe they do not engage in what § 41 considers “qualified activity”—and yet, the technical complexity and iterative nature of the company’s daily operations could not be more clear.

For example, are you and your company executing designs capable of meeting building energy and structural compliance requirements? Are you and your company developing planning and elevation drawings? Conducting design activities for renovation and interior-build-out projects? Conceptual design efforts? With this list being by no means exhaustive, it is likely you and your company qualify for R&D tax credits at both the Federal and State level. While some tax incentive programs are straightforward, other programs can arguably be more complicated. However, this should not dissuade maximizing your benefit and improving your business’s bottom line.

With experts in architecture on staff at Ayming USA, the complexity of you and your company’s work is often rewarded in the form of R&D tax credits.  Please find our free downloadable ‘R&D in Architecture’ PDF here, and contact us today for a free consultation and evaluation.





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