Indirect Purchasing Cost Optimization

Are your indirect purchases aligned with your needs, at the lowest possible cost?

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Indirect costs have a direct impact on your bottom line. 80% of companies focus mainly on their strategic spend, missing out on opportunities for significant savings on their indirect costs.

Our Services

We believe any funds gained on overhead are funds that can be reinvested into more strategic initiatives. Thus reviewing your entire general ledger and optimizing indirect purchases becomes a real lever of profitability for your business. Below are some categories which, when optimized, will help a company achieve significant savings:

Different categories underneath the Indirect Purchasing umbrella that we achieve success in with our clients: Telecom Cost Optimization, Car Fleet Optimization, Freight & Logistics Costs, Utility & Energy Costs, Facility Management & MRO, and IT Purchases.

How Ayming Can Help

When turning to Ayming prior to signing a new contract, many of our clients have obtained significant savings following benchmark-based pricing and plan revisions. Even clients already locked into long-term contracts were still able to obtain additional savings due to our contract optimization expertise.

We align your services with your business’ needs by:

Our 6-step methodology for servicing all your indirect purchasing needs.

Why Work with Ayming?

  • Global consulting firm dedicated to increasing funding and decreasing costs
  • Over 30 years’ experience, present in 15 countries, over 20, 000 clients worldwide
  • Independent assessment of your indirect spend, no agreement with any service providers
  • Focused on optimizing indirect costs
  • One of the few firms that addresses a broad range of indirect spend categories
  • Stakeholders in your success, receiving payment when you obtain savings
  • Also offer hourly of fixed rate contracts