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The Financial Management Department

Financial management departments assist the general management offices to make the company improve its’ performance, by benefiting from new technologies and installing better cooperation with the different management offices.

Today, they are requested everywhere and their priorities continue to change.

The role of the Financial Management Departments is in constant change and is extended more and more to include missions that make Financial Directors real leaders in the creation of value. They are playing more and more a role of regulator and they must cooperate with a large number of internal stakeholders, while the external constraints are becoming more and more pressing.

While they support the internal financialization process by giving vehicles to financial thinking in organizations, they contribute to externally resisting thereby influencing the expectations and behaviors or shareholders and financial markets. Finally, financial directors, through their privileged position at the interface between the organization and the shareholders, are the true regulators of the financialization.

89% des directions financières n’ont pas encore adopté l’Intelligence Artificielle

This central role of “Chief Performance Officer” is going to take all of its’ meaning in future years because a function Finance As A Service should be offered:

  • Self-service data
  • Reports in real time
  • Accounting in digitalized flows

Therefore, one of the immediate challenges for Financial Offices is to succeed with their digitalization through increased use of available technologies: AI, deep learning, cloud computing, etc.

Financial Management Departments tend to become more agile, more active in the preparation of the growth strategy, and offer strength with the business establishment by recommending specific actions to them. For that, they must be positioned as a partner of all of the stakeholders of the company.

4 key dimensions guarantee the success of this new positioning:

  1. – Contribution to the business
  2. – Acceleration of transformation and innovation
  3. – Structuring of a prospective process
  4. – Protection of the security of financial flows and information

The role of architect passes through the transformation of the Financial Management Office itself and specifically:

  • The transformation of their processes and of the organization (automation of transactional flows, automation of the data production, etc.)
  • The use of new technological leverage (big data, data, BI, ERP, AI etc.)
  • The improvement of the management of the financial risk (BFR, predictive risk analysis, etc.)
  • Combating cyber fraud
  • The establishment of a new mode of communication (to assist and challenge projects, specifically on R&D and innovation, etc.)
  • Talent management (integration of new profiles such as data scientists, taking soft skills into account, etc.)

Our ambition is to enable Financial Management Departments with the ability to improve the performance of their growth investments as well as their capacity to finance them, while successfully completing their transformation projects.

 Our consultants assist Financial Management Offices by using customized solutions which are organized around 4 major challenges:

  • To Finance Growth: By optimizing the capacities of internal and external financing (management and reduction of taxation, of fiscal real estate costs, taxes, social contributions, etc.)
  • To Accelerate Innovation: By mobilizing the appropriate financing leverage in an optimized and secure manner (CIR) and by assisting innovation management
  • To Control Risks: By presenting scenarios of intervention on each financing leverage and by assisting Financial Management Offices in case of an audit
  • To Direct and Plan: By providing monitoring elements and tools for directing facilitating decision making
  • To Improve Financial Processes: By optimizing the operation of Financial Management Departments so that they can cooperate more effectively with the other office and their ecosystem
  • To Transform the Processes of the Company: By optimizing the purchasing process, supply chain, and operations
of the financial teams do not have the skills necessary to assist with their digital transformation

Agile Finance Unleashed: The Key Traits of Digital Finance Leaders, Study by the International Association of Certified Professional Accountants and Oracle

According to some studies, finance, as practiceduntil now, will have disappeared by 2022. This disruptionof financial management, offices find its reason in thecombination of digitalization forces, ofrobotization, and hyper-connection and of theglobalization of exchanges. ”
AI, Big Data, robotization: what impacts for financial management - DFCG Report, 2018

Ayming, partner of Financial Management Offices to support their transformation and finance their growth.

Our goal is to allow financial management offices to enhance the global performance of their growth investments, their financial capacity and go through a transformation process smoothly and in control.

Our consultants support the Financial Management Office with tailor-made solutions around 6 important levers :

  1. Finance Growth :
    By optimizing their  internal and external financing capacities (management and reduction of taxes, property taxes, sales taxes…)
  2. Speed up Innovation 
    By mobilising the right financial levers in a optimized and secured way while supporting innovation management.
  3. Control your Risks : 
    By presenting intervention scenarios on each financing levers and support the financial management office in case of audits.
  4. Pilot and Project : 
    By providing market studies and piloting tools that will help you take the right decision
  5. Enhance your Financial Processes : 
    By optimizing the way the financial management office interacts with other management offices and their ecosystems.
  6.  Transform your company’s processes : 
    By optimising your indirect spends, supply chain and overal operations organisation.

Our goal is to support the Financial Management Office in its most tough challenges, like in its daily operational tasks.