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July 21, 2022

Are you an independent American Farmer?

This program supports independent, innovative and sustainable American fertilizer production supply for American farmers. Application deadline is November 14, 2022!

Grants Awarded for Expanding Fertilizer Processing Capability

The Fertilizer Product Expansion Program (FPEP) provides grant funds to help eligible applicants increase or otherwise expand the manufacturing and processing of fertilizer, nutrient alternatives, and other nutrient management products and technologies and their availability in the United States.

Eligible Projects

  • Grant funds may be used to expand processing capacity by supporting activities such as
    • Construction of a new facility or purchase of an existing facility for purposes of expanding capacity or increasing output, including the purchase of land;
    • Pre-development costs including, but not limited to, engineering and other professional fees;
    • Working capital to support expanded capacity or increased outputs;
    • Modernizing or expanding an existing facility, including expansion and modifications to existing buildings and construction of new buildings at existing facilities;
    • Purchasing new, or modernizing existing processing and manufacturing equipment;
    • Customizing, and installing equipment, devices, and technology that improves processing functions, worker conditions, or safety;
    • Modernizing, customizing, and installing climate‐smart equipment that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, increases fertilizer use efficiency, improves air and water quality, or meets one or more of USDA’s climate action goals;
    • Ensuring compliance with packaging and labeling requirements under applicable law (including sealing, packaging, boxing, labeling, conveying, and product moving equipment);
    • Ensuring compliance with occupational and other safety requirements under applicable law;

Program Funding Amounts

The maximum award amount is $100 million. The minimum award amount is $1 million.





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