Cross-Fertilizing Innovation

Cover image - Cross-Fertilizing Innovation

The agriculture, food production/processing, and farming industries have always been at the cusp of innovation. Considering the pressure of a growing global population, unpredictable factors like weather, and everchanging restrictions from local and federal governments, innovation has always practically been a requirement for agricultural businesses. But that doesn’t mean the road to success comes easy for companies in this industry – an extreme amount of research, thought, and testing is necessary to support the decisions that lead to innovation and growth.

The promised fourth agricultural revolution must come to fruition if we are to secure a sustainable global food supply. As with its industrial 4.0 counterpart, a convergence of digital technologies is proving instrumental in the advances being made through the IoT, drones and robotics, data analytics and AI, and not least in precision farming. 

At Ayming USA, we provide you value by sharing our current oversight of the market and insights gained from working with ag businesses for the last 35 years. In the following whitepaper, we take a detailed look at the digital technologies that are pushing the current agricultural revolution and provide an expert understanding of what this all means for your ag business moving forward.

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