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Opening up on our people and their role, putting ''Aymers'' passion on the frontline through simple and transparent coffee breaks!

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Ayming storytelling


This will be open to all professions, this allows the opportunity for all who engage to discover our wide range of expertise, and passionate aymers are given the platform to share their daily life over a cup of coffee, in all simplicity and transparency. As a Company, Ayming is open to the world and society, we regularly invite individuals from outside the company to come and share their experiences on various subjects and projects Undoubtedly, we believe these moments are essential in nourishing the curiosity of each employee. Not to mention also like expanding and broadening our ideologies and prospective.

Around a cup of coffee (Circle of Trust)

Here at Ayming we believe that sharing our individual experiences and knowledge is paramount for continued growth. This is why “aymers” present their professional career, pathway and daily life over a cup of coffee. We urge you to forget your traditional ideologies about counseling! This goes beyond professional titles this is about individuals professional who change the game and bring a“human added value” to our customers. In our company, nothing remains static, everything is continuously evolving: paths, professions, and assignments alike. Our employees attest to this  as we enable our employees to grow within an  out-of-the-box,


Inspiring encounters

High-performing employees are also inspired by human beings. This equation is vital in Ayming culture: we regularly invite professionals, experts or enthusiasts on various subjects for an inspirational discussion. This can last for an hour and 30 minutes. During this time various topics will be discussed – for example, a speaker may decide to discuss a subject such as ‘How to overcome fear through hypnosis?’ or ‘Is meditation the basis of the future’s management?’

We believe that the potential and the continued growth of our employees must be nurtured and challenged by new ideas and challenging non-conventional viewpoints. Additionally, we also believe that excellence is cultivated through multidisciplinary practitioners. We build bridges because there are too many walls.