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Driving organisational change working with executive teams or supporting training initiatives at an employee level.

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Ayming works with your organization at all levels, depending on your objectives. Together, we can drive organizational change by working with your executive team, or we can support your training initiatives at an employee level.

Our Coaching & Development method comprises theoretical and positive psychological interactional approaches to change. We use behaviors, conversations and actions to create and sustain change. We focus our frameworks on both the organizational needs and the identified individuals; they are outcome-orientated, positive and most importantly, practical.

Ayming’s dedicated global coaching division is led by ex-Professional footballer Scott Ward and comprises an exclusively selected team of trained coaches. All coaches receive regular mentoring and supervision by our ICF accredited leadership team in a proprietary approach of “laser 30 min coaching”. The team comprises UK-based and US-based coaches. Unlike many organisations, we deliberately keep our coaching division focused to enable quality, evidence-backed approaches to change and development. 

Together we build a curriculum for success with continuous feedback and constant improvement at its core. Our team of industry-leading personal coaches provides a more intimate experience for our learners, allowing them to explore the content more deeply and to extract the required skills and outcomes.

Solving complex leadership initiatives and organizational issues 

We work with you to define your objectives, and our People Consulting team will establish the right levers to achieve these aims. For more involved organization-wide change, Ayming’s Coaching & Development team bring additional interventions to guide you through. These include group coaching, action learning sets, and one to one brief interventions.

We measure and analyse all individual and team motivations to better manage interpersonal dynamics and communication. This activity helps to maximize your time and focus on your desired outcomes: complex, organizational change and development at scale.

High-performance teams

Many companies seeking to establish consistently strong results aim to do so through High-performance Teams or HPTs. Such an environment includes teams, organizations, groups, or leadership that strives to achieve superior goals and outcomes.

We understand, through personal experiences and research, the key attributes required to build this infrastructure. We help you develop key stakeholders who can inspire and harness positive energy for a collaborative, positive outcome. Ayming works with your organizaation to understand your objectives and targets; Together, we create an ideal sustainable framework that promotes reflection and continuous improvement.

We help build your ecosystem for success. Together we will support you in developing the characteristics of unity, purposefully driven through solid communication and collaboration. Harnessing these diverse attributes, and offering a position of contribution and reflectiveness, can help increase productivity, teamwork and results that benefit everyone. 

With remote working with us for the foreseeable future, it has never been as important to understand those around you, their motivations, trust, conflict management, and the ingredients for collective accountability to succeed. 

Transformational digital learning

We enhance our Coaching & Development programs for leaders and managers with digital learning through our app, ‘Ayming Academy’. Ayming Academy ensures participants apply their learning to real-world scenarios applicable to their roles. This method means we increase retention and impact while driving independent learning.

All of Ayming Academy’s digital courses have practical value embedded in their design and approach. Combined with in-person coaching, we maximize our participants’ ability to learn. Your people, at all levels, can maximize their impact through transformational coaching, enabled by digital learning technology – empowered by science and backed by data. This approach enables you to scale up your People Development and learning activities.

Harnessing the power and reach of effective coaching

Coaching can be either top-down or bottom-up, depending on your objectives. We can drive organizational change working with your executive team or support training initiatives at an employee level. Our Coaching & Development method comprises positive psychological and interactional approaches to change. In other words, we use behaviors, conversations and actions to create and sustain change. We focus our sessions on the participants; they are outcome-orientated, positive and most importantly, practical.

We also understand it is challenging to align diaries, so our dedicated coaches all use the same effective 30min methodology, based on evidence-backed approaches to change and development, designed to maximize value in shorter time-frames. 

This methodology gives our clients a real advantage in quality and ROI compared to traditional large-scale coaching teams with coaches acting independently.